Since the gay marriage referendum is fast approaching I reckon this would be a suitable topic to discuss. Over the years homosexuality has become more widely accepted. Yet there are still far too many prejudiced individuals out there. Most of them still hanging on to the belief that is “unnatural” and “sinful”. Another belief is that it a lifestyle choice.

The acceptance of LGBT people still has a long way to go. In the U.S Arkansas and Indiana have what has been described as an anti-gay law. This allows them to refuse service to gay people in the name of religious freedom. Apparently it also allows emergency services to refuse treatment to a gay person although recently the governor for Arkansas announced that he wanted to make changes to this bill which is a step in the right direction. However I don’t think homophobia will ever stop because how could it? There are still too many homophobic people in the world and their passing their beliefs onto their children so it continues on. Anyway what I’m trying to do here is refute some of the arguments against homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

The first one I’d like to tackle is that it’s “a lifestyle choice”. This is undoubtedly one of the more ignorant ones I have heard. A person’s sexuality is not a choice, no one chooses to be straight, gay or bi or whatever they are. This has already been proven. With all the discrimination that gay people still face why would they choose to be this way? It makes no sense. It’s not a temptation or an addiction like alcohol or gambling. This is a person’s sexuality, it’s not something they can give up.

The second argument is that it’s unnatural and a sin. The unnatural part is just goes back to what I said earlier that a person’s sexuality is natural and not about choice. So no it’s not unnatural. The idea that it’s a sin is a little harder to tackle since it is described as an abomination in the Bible. However many things are abominations according to the Bible. Tattoos, shellfish, wearing clothes of mixed fabrics, cutting your hair, and drinking alcohol in church. It seems that the Bible forbids us from doing things that we all do. No one ever says that people who wear a leather jacket over a cotton shirt are sinners. Yet we still do it and no one says anything about it. I believe that a lot of those who use this argument aren’t even particularly religious,they’re just using it to justify their hatred. Plus with all the murderers, rapists, thieves and paedophiles out there I highly doubt God is too concerned about two people of the same-sex being attracted to each other.

Moving on to the topic of gay marriage. I’m for marriage equality and it seems that most people are. The main argument against it is that it will ruin the sanctity of marriage. I find this rather funny considering that there is no sanctity in marriage at least not since divorce became a thing. Also consider all the marriages that happen because the woman became pregnant. Another argument is that the purpose of marriage is so that a man and women can create a human life. Well considering all the babies being born out-of-wedlock, I find this reasoning to be pretty much invalid.

I  would also like to mention that bisexual people are discriminated against too but not to the same extent. There are still those who believe that being bi is greedy and a phase. Also the other sexualities like pansexuality and asexuality get bad press too and it’s important to accept them as we accept homosexuals. They are not hurting anyone through their sexuality but society is hurting them through their hatred and it has to stop.


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