With yet another shooting of an unarmed black citizen by a member of police, I feel that it’s right to talk about racism. When I was younger my mother always made a point of telling me that yes people have different skin colours but they’re the same underneath. That stuck with me and it wasn’t until I got a little older that I understood why she was so persistent in telling me this. I never really thought about just how badly black people and indeed people of other races were treated. Maybe the idea just seemed too ridiculous to entertain. Why would a person’s skin colour decide how they were treated? Growing up I learned all about slavery and the KKK and Neo-Nazis. It never fails to horrify me.

Racism is everywhere and it will never stop. We can’t ignore it or act as though it’s not as big an issue as it was centuries or even decades ago. It’s still a massive problem. It’s something that every country is guilty of. It is also something that every country has faced. The Irish have faced it, the Germans and Americans have all faced it. It comes from the older generations and the hatred is passed on to the younger ones.


If we take Ferguson as an example. Michael Brown was young black man, shot by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th 2014. Michael was unarmed. Darren Wilson claimed Michael has assaulted him and there was photographs taken of his injuries.


I’ve received worse injuries from fights in the school yard. Darren Wilson is not the first cop to shoot an unarmed black person and he isn’t the last. I found this event to be heartbreaking enough until I saw pictures of his family members reacting to his death.


The first time I saw this image I cried. His son was murdered and for no reason. His killer has not faced charges over this. That makes my blood boil. Darren Wilson will eventually get what he deserves for his actions. So will every other racist cop that does this. Michael Brown’s life was taken away from him. His family’s lives are forever ruined by this tragedy.

Will racism ever end? I want to say yes. I want to believe that it will eventually become a thing of the past. However I have to be real about this. It will never end, there’s too much ignorance and too much hatred in humankind for this to end. Nevertheless there is some hope. There are more people speaking out and fighting against it which lessens the horror if only a little bit. Education certainly plays a role in fighting against ignorance and it has made a difference. However it seems that no amount of education will be enough to cure this hatred. Yet we must continue the fight.


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