So what is rape culture? Basically its a term created by feminists that describes how the act of rape and sexualizing women has become normal. A lot of people, both men and women, don’t believe that it exists. Why? Most likely because they don’t understand it. They don’t see it even though it’s everywhere.

Examples of rape culture are:

  • When someone speaks out  against being cat-called and they are told “You’re over-reacting”.
  • Blaming the victim in rape cases.
  • Shaming girls for wearing skirts, dresses, shorts or leggings.
  • Women being taught not to get raped instead of  men being taught not to rape.
  • Songs like Blurred Lines particularly the lyrics “you know you want it”
  • Saying women lead men into sin by seducing them.
  • Rape jokes and those who defend them.
  • False rape accusations.
  • Saying that rape is a compliment.

Let’s talk about some of these. Victim blaming in rape cases is a big one. You would think that by 2015 this would not be a problem but sadly it is. Women who make rape claims are asked the questions: “what were you wearing?” “did you say anything to provoke the attack?” “why were you walking alone at night?” The “what were you wearing” line is probably the worst because it implies that the victim was “asking for it”. Kind of stupid really considering if she had asked for it then it wouldn’t have been rape. Rape is never the victim’s fault. Ever. It also brings in the shaming of girls who wear dresses and skirts. In American schools, there is usually a dress code. Fair enough, I understand that there are certain clothes that are proper for school etc. However the dress codes often apply directly toward the female students. No tank tops, no shorts, no leggings. Why? It distracts the boys that’s why. Not only does this sexualize the girls, it makes the boys seem like animals. How many boys have ever actually been distracted by a girl in a tank top and if they are, aren’t they the ones with the problem?

Rape as a compliment. I have one question for those who believe this: Are you f***ing kidding me?! Rape is not a compliment! Rape is a vile, evil act that only the rapist is at fault for. The fact that there are still people who firmly believe this proves that rape culture is real. Let’s bring in the thing about consent too. If the person says yes, its consent. If the person says no, it’s not consent. If the person is passed out, it’s not consent. If the person is asleep it’s not consent. If the person says yes once, it does not mean yes always. If the person is too afraid to say no, then it’s not consent. The way a person dresses is not  consent.


Finally let’s talk about false rape accusations. Let’s get real here. It happens, a girl will end up having a one night stand and regretting it. Most of the time she just forgets about it and moves on. However there are some girls out there who won’t. They will say that they were raped. If they are taken seriously it creates a whole lot of trouble for the accused, trouble that they don’t deserve. Their lives are tarnished, permanently stained by this false accusation. Even if the accuser were to retract her statement saying that the accused didn’t rape her it doesn’t matter because it can’t really be taken back. Rape is heinous and it happens to both men and women but so is the false accusation of rape. It ruins lives and makes it hard for real rape victims to be taken seriously. Rape culture is a very real and very serious problem. If we keep ignoring it, it will just get worse. So what can we do? We can educate ourselves about the issue and help prevent it. It will never really be solved but it we have to try to fight it when and where we can.


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