Is the Media to Blame?

So we hear a lot about media content and how it affects the minds and behaviours of the young people in society. I want to talk specifically about music. If we think about popular music today a lot of it is about relationships, partying and ignoring haters.

I have a fairly broad taste in music but my all-time favourite is metal. Now there are many misconceptions about this particular genre. Some of these are:

  • It’s Satanic
  • It takes no skill
  • It’s sexist
  • It’s just screaming

Okay a lot of metal music does involve screaming but not all of it. The band Breaking Benjamin doesn’t involve a lot of screaming neither does Halestorm or Disturbed or Five Finger Death Punch. Take a listen:

It takes an awful lot of skill to perform any metal song. I don’t even know why this stereotype exists to be honest. In fact it’s one of the more difficult genres to do. There is no synthesized material. It’s all real. The percussions, the guitar riffs, the powerful vocals. All real.

It’s not as sexist as it once was. In fact majority of metal doesn’t really go onto the topic of women or sex at all.

It’s not Satanic. Not to say that it’s particularly religious either but it doesn’t promote Satanism. I’m not exactly sure why metal is associated with the Devil anyway.

Usually when a young person or a group of young people commit some horrible crime society blames it on something they saw or heard in the media. Like the group of two 12-year-old girls who stabbed a girl 19 times stating that they did it for the fictional character Slenderman. The two girls claimed they were followers of Slenderman and that he had told them to do this.

Many people blamed the Internet for this horrible crime. I can’t deny that the Internet certainly played a part but in no way is it completely at fault here. These young girls were clearly influenced by the story of Slenderman but they were probably very troubled long before they discovered him. Think about it, millions of people read about Slenderman and play the online game and how many of them have actually gone out and brutally killed in his name? Not too many.

Then there was that grave robbery back in 2006 where a sheet containing lyrics from a Slipknot song was found. Slipknot tends to get bad press because of their reputation and this certainly didn’t help. Again they can’t really be blamed. There songs are pretty hardcore and I can’t blame people for finding them intimidating but they’re not bad guys and their songs mean a lot to a lot of people. Some of their fans take the messages too far or get the message completely wrong but Slipknot aren’t to blame. The way I see it we need to start taking responsibility for our own actions. Certainly we can be influenced but at the end of the day we are the ones who commit the deed.


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