I consider myself to be a religious person. Although I don’t like to actually call myself “religious”. The way I see it is that religion is what you practice and faith is what you believe. Though I don’t like to call myself a “faithful” person either. I was born and raised a Catholic. However now I just say that I am a Christian. Why? Well because I don’t agree with everything that the Catholic church teaches.

My faith is important to me as it is for a lot of people. I believe in God and the story of Adam and Eve. I believe in Jesus Christ. What I don’t believe in is using religion as an excuse to deny people their rights. People have long had the bad habit of using their faith to hurt others and to defend the hatred they bear for people of different sexualities and of different religions. By doing this they become hypocrites. All of the major world religions share one golden rule: love each other. Yet it is the rule that we break often without realizing it.


People who are against same-sex marriage say that in all religions marriage is about the procreation between a man and a woman. They are hanging onto this for dear life. They know this yet they don’t know that in every religion it says that we should love one another. There have been wars over religions and it hasn’t proved anything. Its like we’ve taken something that was meant to help us and we ruin it by using to hurt each other which is the opposite of what we’re supposed to do. I know it’s not easy to love the human race but it’s not supposed to be easy. People have killed thousands in the name of their faith and in doing so have damaged the meaning of it. It doesn’t help that they often try to force others into believing that their faith is the right one. Live and let live is what I say. Another thing I don’t understand is why everyone is always so quick to blame a higher power every time something goes wrong. Sometimes its our fault. This is hard for many of us to accept. It is easier to just blame God or some other deity for the world’s problems. It is hard to understand why people do the things they do especially when it causes pain and suffering. The only explanation that I can give is that all humans have “original sin”.  It rules some people and dictates everything they do. In other words, some people are just evil and can’t be saved.


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